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HOA Tracking Database Software

Manage all your Homeowners Association (HOA) contact, letters, work orders and account billing
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8 November 2014

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This software tool helps create databases for home owners or condo owners associations.

Managing data for a homeowners association or a condo association needs that records are kept accurately. Quite often, when the initial enthusiasm is high, people tend to create Excel spreadsheets for home owners associations dues sheet. Later the enthusiasm fades or the spreadsheet gets unwieldy. What you really need is a proper database. This software tool provides you that. There are on-line products available that let you maintain such databases. However, often you have to pay a monthly subscription. Quite often the product is nothing great. Instead, a product that you won completely is quite useful. The features available in this tool help manage contacts easily. Communications such as notification, violations, warning letters, CC&R policies, etc. are simple to manage through this piece of software. Managing work orders, accounts payable and receivable as well as dues information could be easily maintained.

This database tool will work for a fairly large community such as in a condo complex or an apartment building. The performance is not affected when the database scales up as the community grows. Analyzing the data is made simple with the simple, easy to use interface too. The menu bar is organized in the familiar MS Office menu ribbon style. The database provides a convenient single location for all your data about all your HOA / Condo Association information. Searching, sorting and filtering of the data is simple. You could easily get work order managed and create reports, print notifications and mail them. Letter and any other mail pieces could be created easily. Form letters could be created and saved in libraries. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

Manage Tenant/Owner Notification Letters, Billing Accounts, Dues, Work Orders and more...
When managing critical and detailed data, such as that associated with the daily activities of a Homeowners Association (HOA), accuracy and ease of use will ultimately determine whether a system is effective. Many users create Microsoft Excel files to handle billing, payments and notifications. However, these spreadsheets can quickly get out of hand. The fact is, Excel is good for analyzing financial information and number crunching, but Excel is not a database.
Online HOA management databases exist, but inputting confidential information online has its limitations - for one, you must always be connected to the internet. Internet based software can be slow and clunky, and you often must pay a fee to have your data hosted. By nature, your information in an web-hosted database is no longer truly secure. The only way to truly keep confidential data private is to keep the information on your own PC.
Benefits of HOA Tracking Software:
Search, sort and filter tenant/homeowner data instantly. Preserve detailed notification, violation letter information for easy access and reference. Generate and print letters/warnings with true rich-text formatting. Automatically save exact copies of mailed letters to owners account history. Manage billing, dues and payments for homeowners (with bulk billing functions). FINALLY MANAGE HOA INFORMATION LIKE AN INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL!
HOA Tracking Database Software
HOA Tracking Database Software
Version 2.4.4
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